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CET 4429 Lectures

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 11 years, 4 months ago

 CET 4429 Lectures


Click on the link to either download or view the video files.  These lectures are available as part of the CET 4429 class. Additional lecture that might be useful are available at http://ucf-cet4583.pbwiki.com/CET+4584+Lectures



Database Concepts Review and Design





Transaction and Concurrency Management




Database Standards




Database User Interface (entry and reports) 






Optimization and Tuning





Other Database



Microsoft LINQ Series


How do I get started in LINQ?

How do I perform group and aggregate queries?

How do I use LINQ over datasets?

How do I use LINQ to SQL?

How do I create a One to Many form Using LINQ to SQL?

How do I upgrade VB project to enable LINQ?

How do I get started with LINQ to XML?

How do I enable XML Intellisense and use XML Namespaces?

How do I create XML DOcuments from SQL Data?

How do I create Excel spreadsheets using LINQ to XML?


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